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Affording Falk

Falk strives to keep tuition and fees affordable for most families seeking an independent school education. However, we recognize that many children whose families cannot afford our tuition fees might greatly benefit from a Falk School education.    

Falk considers socioeconomic diversity part of its mission. Our financial aid office works diligently to support all families of need. 

Financial assistance requests are not considered when acceptances are offered. 

Item Cost
Tuition $16,728
Consumable Supplies Fee $375
Technology Fee $375
Middle School Environmental Experience - Grades 6, 7, and 8 $300 (estimate - invoiced separately in the Fall)

Need-based tuition assistance is available through application to FACTS. Apply online at The tuition assistance overview provides additional information regarding application guidelines and filing deadlines. Annual tuition increases are approximately 4% to 5% per year.

Payment Options for Tuition and Required Fees

Option 1 - Pay in full by September 1st
Option 2 - Pay over ten months with the first payment due September 1st

The cost of tuition does not include: