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Other Funds

While unrestricted support to The Falk Fund is our highest fundraising priority, if you wish to support a specific initiative at Falk, you can make a gift to one of our following restricted-use funds:

Falk School Scholarship Fund

Gifts to this fund provide much-needed tuition support to financially deserving students, which in turn helps Falk achieve its mission of being an inclusive, equitable and diverse learning environment.

Falk School WonderLab

Gifts to this fund support the makerspace for learning through the procurement of tools, materials, equipment and guest speakers for the program. 

Falk Laboratory School Library Fund

Gifts to this fund to support the general collections of the library.

Falk School Artist-in-Residence Fund

Gifts to this fund support the Artist-in-Residence program, which shares expertise with eighth grade students to create a permanent legacy artwork that remains at the school after they leave.

Donna Priore Fund for Support of Special Needs Students

An endowed fund created by former Falk parents in honor of a long-standing member of the Falk staff. Gifts to this fund add to the endowment whose income supports training for faculty and support staff on topics pertinent to teaching students with special needs.

Excellence in Teaching Scholarship Fund

An endowed fund started by members of the Falk Parent Organization (then called the Parent Teacher Association) nearly 30 years ago. Gifts to this fund add to the endowment whose income provides tuition support for students who would enhance the diversity of the population of the school.

Lee Ann Conover Instrument Fund

A fund created in honor of a much-loved, former music teacher on the occasion of her retirement. Gifts to this fund support the musical program, including the purchase or repair of musical instruments along with program and faculty support.