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Falk Laboratory School recognizes that student wellness is directly related to students’ physical well-being, growth, development, and readiness to learn. We believe that wellness is a combination of many elements, including nurturing the body and the mind, fostering relationships and building self awareness, and creating opportunities for growth in all domains of the human experience.  Falk is committed to creating an environment that promotes student wellness from a holistic standpoint as part of the total learning experience.

Though we believe that wellness is most effectively cultivated through an immersive experience, one in which students, faculty and parents participate in many domains throughout their day, below you will find some areas and programs which are expressly focused on fostering the well-being of our community.  

Curriculum Based Programs

  • Health – The Falk Middle School Health Education curriculum provides students with a comprehensive health education that is designed to teach them more complex conceptual knowledge, analytical, and practical application skills. The health education class schedule features a weekly health education in 7th grade and bi-weekly health education in 6th and 8th grade.
  • Physical Education – We offer daily and weekly classes focused on promoting lifelong physical activity. The classes provide instruction to develop a physically literate student who possesses the content skills and knowledge necessary for enduring participation.
  • Yoga & Mindfulness – By providing structured weekly yoga instruction for every student and offering lessons in the classroom focused on mindfulness, our hope is to gently nurture an open approach to understanding both the self and the world around us through quiet and compassion. 
  • Social and Emotional Learning – Social and emotional wellness are also an integral piece of the counseling program at Falk. Classroom lessons around coping skills, positive thinking, and healthy relationships are implemented throughout the year. The counseling center is available to all students at Falk.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Middle School Sports Teams - At Falk School we believe that skills acquired during physical activities and sports programs are equally important as the skills and content gained from our academic programs.  Our coaches encourage teamwork, cooperation, commitment, sportsmanship, doing your best, making friends and having fun. 
  • Cooking Club – Cooking Club offers a chance for both budding chefs and the kitchen novice at the middle school level to gain experience and learn valuable lifetime lessons in nutrition, food preparation and teamwork.  Check out last year’s recipes here.
  • Family Events at Falk – We know that by including all members of our community, we can truly support the whole child.  Each year we offer a variety of family programs, most recently a Family Night of Mindfulness in the fall and Family Fitness Night in the spring.  Both events are a large draw and fun for all ages!

Through Balance, the Falk School Faculty and Staff Wellness Initiative, our employees are offered the opportunity to participate in weekly activities devoted to self-care and wellness.  Past activities have included walking groups, boot camp classes, yoga classes, mindfulness and meditation sessions, knitting groups, book clubs, various speakers and presentations and a wellness fair.  Additionally, we support the school’s dedication to mindfulness by maintaining a full-faculty practice before each faculty meeting.