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Dining Services

Sodexo Dining Services, the University of Pittsburgh’s food service provider, oversees the dining program in the Falk School Cafeteria. The on-site team is led by food service supervisor Blanche Hollinger who comes to Falk with a solid background in food service. Ms. Hollinger helps align meal choices focused on healthy and creative menus, complementing Falk School’s philosophy, which emphasize wellness, sustainability, and a diverse variety of offerings. 

To impact quality of life at Falk, Sodexo puts each student’s experience at the core of their work. Sodexo operates with a focus on delivering solutions that keep students healthy, safe, and productive, while also enriching the learning environment.

Food Allergy Awareness

Food allergies are taken very seriously at Falk. Due to their dynamic nature, our classrooms are "Nut-Free Zones". Parents should select only nut-free snacks or treats for consumption in classrooms. Nuts of all varieties are restricted to being eaten only in the school café during lunch. Students with any type of peanut or tree nut allergy are seated at an “allergen-free” table during lunch so that cross contamination does not occur. Tables and eating spaces in the cafeteria where nuts may have been consumed are carefully monitored and thoroughly sanitized afterwards. Falk’s teachers and cafeteria staff are vigilant and attentive to all children’s safety.


We are proud of the food we provide to students and adults working within the building. Our success is due to a strong working relationship with Sodexo and their dedicated group of cafeteria staff. This partnership has resulted in more options, healthier choices, and a “greener” dining experience that makes use of more locally grown produce.

Each day, Falk students, faculty & staff select from hot entrees, deli style entrees, a salad bar entree, yogurts, cereals, and the good old PB & J sandwich.  Full lunch options or a´ la carte items are offered daily. In addition, our Falk Fresh Fruit program offers parent volunteers the opportunity to promote healthy eating and social interaction. Learn more about the Falk Fresh Fruit Program.

The cost of a full lunch for all grades is $6.50.  A la carte sandwiches cost $5.00, a la carte entrees cost $5.00, side dishes cost $2.00, and soups cost $2.00. View this month's lunch menu.


The morning snack is an optional service we provide for primary and intermediate students. The snack option is not available to middle school students. Middle school students as well as students not purchasing the school option are welcome to bring a nut-free snack from home. The cost of snack is $30.00 per month.  It is not available on a daily or weekly basis.


Snack Option


3 Kinds of Dried Fruit - Apples, Apricots, Cranberries, Dates, Figs, Pineapple, or Raisins, or Wheat Crackers, and a Drink

Tuesday & Thursday

Graham Crackers and a Drink


Stonyfield Organic Yo-Kids Squeezers or Wheat Crackers, and a Drink


String Cheese or Wheat Crackers, and a Drink


Daily drink choices include 8 oz. whole milk, skim, or 2% white milk or 4 oz. apple or orange juice.