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"Falk School is built upon four cornerstones:  Community, Creativity, Inquiry and Freedom. Falk has honored these qualities since 1931 and has weathered countless educational and political trends. By being centered and grounded, Falk School has remained a setting from which families graduate but never leave. The Fanny Edel Falk Laboratory School is a living symbol of the essence of education."
- From Alumni Reunion, Class of 1950-51

Welcome to a new era at Falk School!
If you have not visited us in a while, we invite you to return to the all-new and green Fanny Edel Falk Laboratory School.  We would love to show you the new addition with its spectacular views from the glass enclosed library and cafeteria spaces, to the technology lab, green rooftop, and new classrooms. We challenge you to find your old homeroom amongst the renovated spaces of the original building. Visit the rooftop playground over the gymnasium or  learn about how teachers and students are together designing a native habitat and trail on the hillside behind the school.

Amidst all the changes, there are some constants that you will recall. Dedicated teachers, interns, and staff have settled into the new bright & airy spaces. Vibrant students eagerly arrive each day ready for an exchange of ideas and questions. Walk around the building, and you see everyone is actively engaged and working together in the creation of artwork, stories, strategies, solutions, songs and new friendships.

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