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Primary (Grades K, 1, & 2)

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Primary (Grades K, 1, & 2)

At the Falk primary level, we recognize that relationships are at the heart of all learning. When children develop secure relationships they confidently explore and try new things. It is through interaction with others that learning is nurtured, challenged, and supported. There are many ways we build upon these relationships, a few examples of these include:

  • Events for new families to build community
  • Children work and play within and among classrooms
  • Mixed age recess times
  • Shared spaces and materials
  • Collaborations across disciplines
  • Class pets to build empathy and caring
  • Intentional social justice instruction
  • Families encouraged to contribute to the class
  • Looping in First and Second grades

In 1st and 2nd Grade, the children experience a looping model. This means that they will remain with the same teacher and in the same classroom for both academic years. We value this teaching model because we know that children thrive when they have a consistent environment in which all members of the classroom, including students, teachers and families, have the opportunity to develop and maintain strong relationships.

Cognitive and social learning coexist in everything we do at the Falk Primary level.

Within our carefully cultivated school community, rich and challenging cognitive learning can occur.  In Primary, the way we design learning experiences and choose curricula is guided by what we believe about principles of human learning and the developmental characteristics of our students.

Whenever possible learning experiences are interdisciplinary, for example an activity may involve language arts, science and art goals simultaneously.

  • Writing Workshop
  • Kindergarten Art Collaboration
  • 1st grade Primary Map Quilt
  • 2nd grade Bridge Design and Engineering experience

Since we believe that children must be actively involved in constructing their own understandings of their world, learning in Falk Primary is hands-on. Children learn through games, design challenges, scientific testing, observation, manipulation of objects and application of ideas to meaningful scenarios. Children are also offered many opportunities to take initiative and make choices within academic activities.

  • Circuit-building in Technology
  • Block building
  • Inquiry science
  • Observational drawing; use of drawing as a meta-cognitive process of thinking carefully about a subject
  • Our children are active, social, inquisitive, confident and full of joy