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Middle School (Grades 6, 7, & 8)

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Middle School (Grades 6, 7, & 8)

Embodiment of Progressive Principles

Falk Middle School offers educational experiences that honor the cognitive, emotional, and physical developmental needs of young adolescents by engaging in academically rigorous, hands-on, and creative work and play. In accordance with our Progressive roots, our curriculum is designed by the faculty to engage students in inquiry-based activities that focus on learning by doing, collaboration, and student empowerment. Since our graduates enter at least a dozen different feeder schools, we work to develop agency, self-efficacy, and grit in our graduates so they can succeed in any new educational setting.

Commitment to Making and Mindfulness

Middle School students need to be fully engaged as they learn. At Falk, we celebrate this attribute and develop curriculum that focuses on making and building. Through work with our hands, meditation, and yoga we have opportunities to be mindful in the course of our school day.


At Falk School we believe in the importance of self-knowledge. Middle level teachers regularly engage students on issues of identity, race, gender, and class. We strive to help students position themselves in the larger world.

Writing and Critical Thinking across the Curriculum

We see the connection between writing and critical thinking. At the middle level we engage our students in naming what they know through multiple modes of expression. Students write critical essays, personal narratives, fiction and poetry, memoir, research papers, and various forms of creative non-fiction.