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At Falk School we believe that skills acquired during physical activities and athletic programs are equally important to the skills and content gained from our academic programs. Additionally, we want our children to explore and engage in physical activities that become meaningful in their lives. Our programs encourage teamwork, cooperation, commitment, sportsperson-ship, doing one's best, making friends and having fun.  Participation on a team is open but optional to any student entering Middle School in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. 

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Falk Sports.


What sports are offered at Falk School?
  • Soccer
    • One Co-Ed Team
  • Cross Country
    • One Boys' Team
    • One Girls' Team
  • Basketball
    • Two Girls' Teams
    • Three Boys' Teams
  • Baseball (co-op with Community Day School)
  • Tennis
    • One Boys' Team
    • One Girls' Team
Is there a cost involved in participating in a sport?

There is no fee associated with participating in a sport. However, students do purchase and keep their sports uniforms.

When are the sports played?
  • Soccer - Fall (September-October)
  • Cross Country - Fall (September-October)
  • Basketball - Winter (November-February)
  • Baseball - Spring (March-May)
  • Tennis - Spring (March-May)
Who are some of the teams that Falk competes against?
  • Ellis School for Girls
  • Community Day School
  • Sewickley Academy
  • Shady Side Academy
  • St. Edmund's Academy
  • Valley School of Ligonier
  • Winchester Thurston School