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Falk Parent Organization (FPO)

An enthusiastic welcome to you from the Falk Parent Organization (referred to as the FPO). While a few parents comprise the organizing body of the FPO and meet on a monthly basis, the group as a whole is made up by the entire community of Falk families. We recognize how busy life can be and do not require attendance at regularly scheduled meetings. Instead, we encourage you to volunteer your time and contributions in whatever capacity your lifestyle allows.

The primary purpose of the FPO is to identify and to facilitate opportunities for:

  • Whole-School Community Building
  • Faculty & Staff Support and Appreciation
  • Student Support and Appreciation

The FPO was created to enrich school life beyond the curriculum. We encourage suggestions and feedback from our community as it is our priority to enhance everyone's experiences at Falk. We do not collect annual dues; therefore, we rely on parent volunteers and the support of Falk families so that we may continue to put forward events supporting the FPO purpose. Through this collaboration we are able to:

  • Offer community-wide events where families can interact with faculty, administration and staff outside of the classroom for both social and educational reasons
  • Promote enrichment activities and social activities for children at each level
  • Celebrate Falk staff and faculty with various appreciation efforts

Activities organized by the FPO include the Welcome Back Picnic, Monthly Faculty/Staff Appreciation Breakfasts (hosted by a different class each month), Fresh Fruit Cutting Initiative, Movie Nights, Family Game Night, Big Swap, Multicultural Picnic, Spring Soiree, Spring Carnival, and Kennywood Day.

The FPO further supports activities organized by Falk faculty, such as the Square 1 Art fundraiser, the Middle School Musical, and the Dr. Connover Fund (for the Performing Arts).

The FPO also proudly supports parent driven groups such as the Diversity & Inclusion Discussion Group.

Our primary means of communication is through the Falk Newsletter, FPO email announcements and postings on the FPO page of the Falk Portal. We encourage you to check the Falk Portal regularly for the most up-to-date information. Also, please feel free to e-mail us at with any ideas or feedback you have as we are here to support Falk families.

We wish you a happy and healthy school year and invite you to share your experience and knowledge with us so that we can create new and lasting memories for our kids.

  • Welcome Back Picnic
  • Monthly Faculty/Staff Appreciation Breakfasts (hosted by a different class each month)
  • Fresh Fruit Cutting Initiative
  • Movie Nights
  • Family Game Night
  • Big Swap (share & trade gently used sports gear)
  • Multicultural Picnic
  • Spring Soiree (just for the adults!)
  • Spring Carnival
  • Kennywood Day
  • Affinity Groups
    • Diversity and Inclusion Discussion Group
  • Square 1 Art Fundraiser
  • Middle School Musical