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  • 1st practice will be Tuesday, March 19th
  • Practices will be held on Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 7:15-8:25 AM at the outside basketball courts near the bus lane. Portable nets will be used on the courts. Players should be dropped off at basketball courts and signed in with a coach.
  • If the weather is bad then the gymnasium will be used.  Coaches will determine where practice is held in the morning.
  • If practice is in the gymnasium then all players should sign in at main desk before proceeding to the gym.
  • Please remind your players to bring proper tennis gear, racket and a filled water bottle to every practice or match.  Falk has water refilling stations located on every main floor.  In addition, remind your player to dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Players will be sent to homeroom immediately after practice.

Students will be bused to/from matches.  Parent/guardian must sign-out their player after each match with a coach.  If a player is not picked up immediately after a match then the player will be signed into to the Extended Care program and appropriate fees will be applied.  See more on Sign Out procedures below.

  • All matches will be away we do not have home courts.
  • Attendance at practice will be monitored. Those students attending practices regularly will have priority over the students whose main attendance is at the matches.
  • Players are expected to be on their best behavior at all Tennis Venues.
  • Players need to have their own racket and proper shoes for the tennis courts.  Falk does not have rackets or shoes available for practices or matches.  In addition, please have your player bring a filled water bottle to every practice or match.
  • Information about matches, practices and uniforms will be emailed.  If your email changes throughout the season please let us know immediately.
  • A player must have the proper forms filled out before he or she can participate.  Please read all of the information regarding the forms.  See details for forms below.

Head Coach - Patricia Finn

Assistant Coach - Cameron Barnett

2019 Tennis Practice and Game Schedule

It is not always easy to figure out the weather forecasts. If bad weather should start during the school day then a decision will be made by the Director of the school regarding the practice or match scheduled for that day as soon as possible.

If it is necessary to cancel a match or game earlier in the school day you will be notified by e-mail. 

Please check your e-mail regularly throughout the day during the season. To make any changes in dismissal due to weather or cancelations please call the main desk at 412-383-7026. 

Use your discretion to decide if you would like your child to participate in a match or game due to the weather conditions. Notify the main desk of any changes at 412-383-7026.

  • A parent/guardian must sign-out their player after each practice and match with a coach. NO exceptions. If a player is not picked up immediately after a match then the player will be signed into to the Extended Day Program and appropriate fees will be applied.
  • If your child is going home with another child’s parents, you MUST send in a note or an e-mail to the coaches giving your child permission to go home with that child’s parents.  If the student does not give the coach a note then they will return back to Falk with everyone else. Notes must be given in advance. All notes must be sent or turned in before 12:30 pm on the day of the match. Coaches will not be able to retrieve them during a game or practice which can causes chaos and confusion at pick-up time.

If your middle school child is interested in participating in tennis please read this information carefully and follow the specific instructions regarding the forms.


  • If your child has already participated in a 2018 fall or winter sport then there is only one form to complete, Recertification by Parent for Second Sport or Additional Sport– see below.
  • Recertification by Parent for Second or Additional Sport - this form is for student athlete’s parents to complete when participating in a second, or third sport, in the school year and already have the initial packet completed and nothing has changed in their current health.  A re-certification form is needed for each new sport. A Physical Exam is not needed if this form is filled out.
  • The Recertification Form can be found on the Falk Web Page in your Portal:
  1. Go to Falk Website
  2. Click on My Portal
  3. Log into your portal
  4. Under the Calendar on left side find Log Into SFO
  5. Click Log Into SFO - Forms should be available to fill out and submit
  • Recertification form must be submitted before the first practice.  Players cannot attend games or practices until form is submitted.  DEADLINE is MARCH 6th.
  • If this is the first sport of the 2018-2019 school year for your child, you will need to complete the following forms: Please know all middle school student athletes MUST have the following forms completed and returned to the school nurse prior to participating in any practice, scrimmages, or regularly scheduled sporting events.
  • Sports Questionnaire
  • Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information for Parents
  • Pre Participation Sports Physical Exam – performed by a health care     provider (MD, CRNP, DO, or PA-C).
  • Please print a copy of the PHYSICAL EXAM and fill it out and return to the School Nurse before the season begins.  The PHYSICAL EXAM cannot be submitted on the portal, a hard copy must be turned into the nurse. 
  • Sport physical examinations must be signed and dated by your healthcare provider after May 31, 2018 and are good for one year. The physical examination can have occurred earlier in the year, but the healthcare provider must date it after May 31, 2018.
  •  Please know that all forms MUST be submitted and completed before your student athlete is allowed to participate in the sport.
  • The parent/guardian and student athlete will be able to find all the forms-Sports Questionnaire, Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information for Parents and the Pre Participation Sports Physical Exam on the Falk web page, follow the steps below:
  • Follow steps below:
  • Go to Falk Website Click on My Portal Log into your portal Under the Calendar on left side find Log Into SFO Click Log into SFO Forms should be available to fill out or print.

Deadline is March 6th

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