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Annual Giving

Give to the Falk School Development Fund

The Annual Fund is a very important annual contribution to Falk’s operating budget. Falk School is solely responsible for raising and managing its annual budget, which currently exceeds $6 million dollars.  The funds come from tuition, fees and donations. Falk does receive custodial support, utilities expenses, IT support, insurance and legal services from Pitt but must cover all other expenses, including salaries, building improvements and loan repayment for the expansion.

Recently, unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund supported k-8 special enrichment activities like Falk Woods (formerly SHERP), and our Artists-in-Residence Legacy Project.

These photos, taken on a typical school day, demonstrate the power of philanthropy in action. The Falk School Development Fund makes a difference every day by enhancing the experiences of Falk students, guiding them to become their fullest, truest and most complete selves.


For more information on any of these funds, please contact: