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The mission of the library program is to facilitate the teaching-learning process by providing resources and services which satisfy both individual and instructional needs of students and teachers. The program is designed to assist learners to grow in their ability to find, evaluate, and apply information that helps them to function effectively as individuals and to participate successfully in society.

Two goals of our library curriculum are to develop our students’ love of reading and their information literacy skills.  All students have a regular class and a chance to check out books. In addition, students frequently drop in to browse for books or use the computers, and teachers bring their classes to make use of the library's resources.


At the Primary Level, we spend most of our time developing our students' love of reading.  All students have class once a week and a chance to check out books.  In addition to circulation, we read aloud to them and provide informal instruction as and when appropriate.  As students become curious about books in our collection that are not on the browsing tables, we show them where to locate them.  During the latter part of 2nd grade, we begin to develop their information literacy skills by showing them how to use the online catalog to locate books.


All students have a weekly class and a chance to check out books.  Beginning in 3rd grade and continuing through 5th grade, we place greater emphasis on developing students’ information literacy skills.  We start by helping students become familiar with the layout of the library and how to use the various search features of the online catalog; then we move into learning how to use the online encyclopedias and databases.


Middle School students do not have regularly scheduled classes in the library.  Instead, they can come to the library during their study hall periods to check out books for personal interests or curricular needs.  To further develop their information literacy skills, the librarians work with the classroom teachers on joint research projects.